Chapter 1: Desire Makes You Move

  • Do you want to grow? You'll find the opportunity when you do something that scares you.

  • What good is success without sanity?

  • Desire is evidence of lack and it empties my ego.

  • If you choose, sometimes Life rewards you with miracles.

  • All we are and will become is a result of desire.

  • The pain–that feeling of lack–that desire brings is natural. It is part of progress.

  • If I’m going to progress towards my dreams and still be sane when I reach them, I have to know how to deal with the pain.

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  • How to turn creative gifts into an entrepreneurial career.
  • How to grow your ideas into big ideas.
  • What to do when college isn’t getting you results.
  • How to handle setbacks and early failures in life and business.
  • How to recognize bad advice coming from people you love.

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About the Author

Hi, I’m David.
Until 2009 I was your typical college grad who believed that degrees would get me the big pay check and the dream job. But then I got laid off and I was stuck. And ever since I’ve learned that living my dreams has little to do with college degrees and more to do with following one’s entrepreneurial desires.

I’ve learned how to get UNSTUCK and channel my creative gifts into a business and have really enjoyed myself in the process–living in places like Hawaii, learning to spear fish, and even developing a few products along the way. If you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, or have already made that choice, I want to help you channel your creative gifts and succeed. I share my story and some lessons I’ve learned along the way to make it easier for creative people like you who want to build a great life out of their creative skills. Find me on linkedin and say hi.