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Monthly interviews, Strategy, and Advice for building and launching your new seamless textile projects.

Welcome to the Seamless Podcast, a business podcast featured in iTunes about building and launching next-gen seamless textile products.

The podcast about learning the hard lessons the easy way and using new technology to make the easy money.

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Seamless podcasts

Connie Huffa of FabDesigns explains the ins and outs of the knitting business with 3D knitting.

September 2016

Michele Huie of Vim&Vigr shares her experience starting a successful compression sock and leg ware line.

August 2016

Veteran knitwear designer, engineer, and programmer Michael Braun talks about his career developing knits.

July 2016

Some of the best leaders in the seamless knit business

Connie Huffa

Michael Braun

Scott McFarland

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