Podcast 6 – Interview with Kniterate Co-founders, Gerard and Triam

Interview with Kniterate, a company bringing you the first sub-$5k desktop 3D knit machine. The co-founders, Gerard and Triam, share their entrepreneurial journey that has taken them from Spain, to London, to China to live and work in a factory, and back again to London to launch an incredible piece of technology that promises to disrupt the knit industry. Along the way we learn about the entrepreneurial mindset of pushing forward through obstacles, the opportunities available to build our own ideas, as well as the dramatic changes coming to the knit industry.

Links from the podcast:

Kniterate: http://www.kniterate.com

About This Series

A look at getting fabric products developed and into the market. Exploring new technology for low-cost, sustainable development and integrating new materials and electronics to make breakthrough products. Interviews with great designers who have their own products or work with the brands you already buy. Interesting stories and practical tips for getting things done and shipped so you can cash in on your ideas.

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