Podcast 3: Interview with Compression Leg Ware Designer, Michelle Huie


An interview with Michelle Huie, an entrepreneur who launched a designer compression leg ware company (Vim&Vigr) from Montana. Michelle is an accomplished marketer and has pushed her knit designs into retail around the country without taking venture capital and while still holding down a full-time job!

Michelle shares:

  • lessons from her startup experience,
  • tips on how to get started developing new products no matter what industry you come from, and
  • clues on future directions for hi-tech and fashionable health products.


About this series

A look at getting fabric products developed and into the market. Exploring new technology for low-cost, sustainable development and integrating new materials and electronics to make breakthrough products. Interviews with great designers who have their own products or work with the brands you already buy. Interesting stories and practical tips for getting things done and shipped so you can cash in on your ideas.

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