Knit Programmer Tools

Resources for knit programmers working with 3D knitting. Tools to get you started and to increase productivity. As recommended by our network.


Programming essentials for 3D knitting. t=trial, f=free

3D knitting machine and design package for Stoll machines. If it’s made on a Stoll, it must be designed with this software.

Shima’s 3D knitting design and machine programming package.

Knit design package covering stitch design, patterning, yarn selection, storyboards, 3D simulation, and much more.

Open source Github repo for the Openknit project.


Places on the web that sport some great content and learning tools and tutorials. t=trial, f=free

Great tutorial channel on using M1 Plus. Only caveat is that it lacks running commentary, so pay close attention to mouse movements.

Do The Work

A gem of wisdom on starting new projects and overcoming the entrepreneur’s arch enemy, Resistance.

6 SDS-ONE APEX3 workstations, three state-of-the-art knitting machines and R&D support.


Really neat but not necessarily practical tips and explorative ideas. t=trial, f=free

Open source circular knit hardware and software for home production.

Open source 3D knitting machinery and software to create homebrew fashion lines in your workshop.

Lab and museum in the Netherlands offering cutting-edge research into wearable electronics as well as knitting technology history.

Print and online publication for the innovation culture providing “useful, entertaining and cutting-edge information to help its readers succeed.”

Progrmmer Directory

We created a directory of 3D knit designers, both artists and technicians, to spur innovation. Interested in connecting with more designers and buyers? Signup for our free directory.