Fashion Designer Tools

Resources for fashion designers who are working with 3D knitting. Tools to get you started and to increase productivity. As recommended by our designer network.


The essentials for 3D knitting, pattern making, and digital design. t=trial, f=free

Tried and true general design package for vector graphics. Many still prefer Illustrator over the new hotness of 3D.

3D fashion design for developing ideas and working with teams.

CAD for clothes. Use this to develop a tek pack with pattern files.

A less expensive version of AccuMark “for home-based businesses”. Gets the job done.

3D knitting machine and design package for Stoll machines. If it’s made on a Stoll, it must be designed with this software.

Shima’s 3D knitting design and machine programming package.

Knit design package covering stitch design, patterning, yarn selection, storyboards, 3D simulation, and much more.

An adaptation of Marvelous Designer specifically for fashion artists. 3D visualization tool to create and share life-like designs.

3D fashion design for virtual worlds and characters with an amazing graphics capability.

QCad f

Open source 2D CAD design for just about any project. Great for sketching patterns.

Solid garment design and patterning package that has been around for over 20 years.

Open source Github repo for the Openknit project.

Upload jpeg, gif or png images and knitPro will generate a graph sizable for any fiber project.

Design and build incredibly realistic models and garments. Browse and buy existing models for ideas and starter material.

3D fashion design tool built for easy collaboration on new projects.


Places on the web that sport some great content and learning tools and tutorials. t=trial, f=free

Lynda t

Learn the nuts and bolts of most design tools. Some tutorials on design patterns and repeating backgrounds in Illustrator.

Tutorials on the latest 3D and 2D design software by some of the best artists in CG around.

Like Flickr for traditional art. Get inspiration and connect with incredible artists.

Do The Work

A gem of wisdom on starting new projects and overcoming the entrepreneur’s arch enemy, Resistance.

News and opinion on the knitting industry.

News and opinion on the startup fashion universe. This article provides an in-depth look at additional software resources.

A Comprehensive Handbook and Practical Guide

6 SDS-ONE APEX3 workstations, three state-of-the-art knitting machines and R&D support.

Online learning library for hand and machine knitting.


Really neat but not necessarily practical tips and explorative ideas. t=trial, f=free

Browse and buy knit programs and swatches from Stoll. Each program about 9 euros.


Really neat but not necessarily practical tips and explorative ideas. t=trial, f=free

Company in UK using 3D knit in a storefront setup where shoppers get to customize their product before it’s made.

An app for custom fitted, 3D printed shoes.

Rent high-class runway apparel when you need it.

Fashion design accelerator in NYC. Got a good idea? Make it and fund it here.

Open source circular knit hardware and software for home production.

Open source 3D knitting machinery and software to create homebrew fashion lines in your workshop.

Lab and museum in the Netherlands offering cutting-edge research into wearable electronics as well as knitting technology history.

Manufacturing Innovation competition in Revolutionary Fibers and Textiles manufacturing hub.

Design and order your own custom fabric online.

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