3D Knitting Research

Links to articles, media, and resources across the web on 3D Knitting.


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Interactive map showing important 3D knit events around the world.


3D body mapping used in 3D Knitting.

What a Stoll 3D knit machine looks like.

Adidas tells its 3D knit story.

Knitting technology playlist on YouTube.


Excellent summary of advanced 3D knitting technologies.

Nice description of Stoll’s Knit & Wear technology with photo examples.

An overview of Shima Seiki’s Wholegarment technology with photos.

Cornell University works on 3D Knit visualization software in 2012.

Trade Journal entry describing Santoni’s circular seamless knitwear.

Description of technical knitting for industrial products (i.e., furniture) by an Ontario based knit manufacturer.

Slideshare intro to 3D knitting as a bit of a technical primer.

Technical publication highlighting 3D Knitting for use alongside “Advanced Composite Materials”.

Research paper showing how to create computer visualizations of knits down to yarn-level detail.