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Amit Gupta

Detailed and hands-on knitwear / sweater designer with 10+ years intl experience. Technical background from creative concept to final product in both men’s and women’s wear. Cut & Sew Knits, Fully Fashion Knits, WholeGarment Knitting, Sweaters, and Wovens. Expertise in Merino, Possum, Cashmere, Silk and blended yarns. Socks, gloves and headwear.

Shima Seiki Apex3, SWG-X, SWGN, SES, SSR, SIG, SGW-V, Nedgraphics
Intarsia, Intergal knit, Fully-fashioned knits, Jacquards,
Product and technical strategy, Organizational standards development, Knowledge transfer, Team leadership and development, Finish Processes

Brittany Burton

Programming today’s leading designer sweaters on Shima whole garment machines. Educating new programmers. Yarn processing for all of Shima USA factory customers.

Shima Seiki whole garment machines: Mach2x, Mach2xS, Mach2s, SWG-X and SWG-V

High fashion sweaters., Knits & wovens, Quality control. Hand knitting

Michael Braun

39 years experience in knitting: Stitch / structure development, Knitwear development, Programming VDU/SIRIX/M1/S1/M1plus (at the very beginning “punching holes by hand”, Knit design, Managing of different development departments, Knit technology & programming training to beginners/technicians/trainers, Knit production, Yarn sourcing, Production sourcing

All existing STOLL knitting machines // M1plus – STOLL

Whatever “others” think is impossible to knit

Lindsay Mann

New York based Knitwear designer with +10 years fashion experience. Specializing in WHOLEGARMENT knitwear design. Developed launched KOTOBA line for Shima Seiki USA. Design consultant aiding in the seasonal sampling and production for clients. Freelance knit design and brand consulting. Passionate about domestic manufacturing, sustainability, and developing products that positively affect our everyday lives.

Technical design development specific to WholeGarment/3D knitting. Design, PGM, & 3D Modelist functions of the SDS One APEX 3 Total Design System.

3D knit design, full fashioned knit design, sweaters, luxury designer & mass markets, womenswear, menswear, product & brand development, WholeGarment domestic manufacturing

Damien Semerdjian

+7 years experiences Programming on Stoll M1plus Software. Working with design, pattern and production departments from sampling to finished products. Yarn Consulting. Regular Trainings at Stoll Germany HQ. Expertise in 3D Knitting, Knit&Wear, & Wholegarment Technology.

All Stoll CMS machines – M1plus Software

Cut&Sew, Fully Fashion, 3D Knitting / Knit & Wear, Mass products to high fashion, Womenswear, Menswear, and Accessories

Amit Khullar

Technical know-how of modern knitting technology. Worked for Shima Seiki Japan for south asian markets to develop technical expertise within that region. Developed high-end Intarsia collections in novel yarns with Italian designers. Passionate about knitwear product development within each brand’s unique strategy.

Apex3, PGM, Knit paint, Design, 3d modelist, SVR, SSR, NSSG, SES, Mach2s, M1+, Stoll 502, 530, 822

The latest Intarsia, PGM, 3D, virtual sampling technology. Knitwear product specialist from idea to complete manufacturing process.






Raja Sasi

Programming on SDS ONE and APEX3 design systems for SES, SIG, NSES and NSWG Shima Seiki machines for +8 yrs. Working with leading knitwear manufacturers in the UK. Work includes fabric development, sample making, grading and whole garment knitting.


Normal and Spaint Intarsia, jacquard, structure and whole garment

Annemarie Reedijk

Annemarie grew up learning knit technology and technique in her father’s factory. After finishing the Fashion & Design bachelors at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, she moved to Los Angeles where for the past 2 1/2 years she has built American Apparel’s new knitwear department. She manages development, programming, training and production and likes to focus on knitwear and print design.

Shima Apex (experienced), M1plus (basic), Lectra and Designer Knit (basic), Cadcam and Auto-Cad (basic), Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign (experienced)

Fully-fashioned programming, garment and textile design, illustration drawing, technical drawing, tech pack, color forecast, pattern drawing, grading and fitting, print design

Sunil Puri

Author and trainer. Wrote the “Manual for The Australian Wool Innovation on Manufacturing of Fully Fashioned Sweaters” as well as “The Anatomy of a Fully Fashioned Sweater.” Consultant in knitwear Total Quality Management, production systems and new manufacturing operations. Past Director of a Fashion Institute in collaboration with Pearl Academy of Fashion New Delhi. Former agent of Universal and Stoll India.

M1 Plus, Indy, manual, Rexel patterning

Programming, running and maintenance of computerized flat bed machines, training, product development, marketing, process re-engineering, Total Quality Controls, styling, patterning fully-fashioned sweaters

Hugo Santos

Machine technician & programming.

Machine technician & programming.

Gianni Rondoni

Technical knitting programmer

Technical knitting programmer






Patricia Chircop

Patricia has developed a unique skill set over 10+ years in the knitwear industry. Product development, design and innovation as well as being trained on Stoll and Shima Seiki machinery. For more information on seamless knitwear see Patricia’s report: http://bit.ly/1KQoUsP.

Stoll M1 Plus, Shima Seiki Knit paint

Swatch & Product development, Knitwear training and education, 3D knitwear design

Liz Hilton

Based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Liz Bartlett has developed 3D knit solutions for high-end office furniture, automotive, consumer electronic, and healthcare industries. With experience from NYC, Italy, and Germany, Liz focuses on her startup KNITit, which brings 3D knit solutions to the compression therapy market.

M1 Plus, Sirix, Sintral

3D knitting, tubular knitting, tech packs

Scott McFarland

Scott McFarland has been designing knitwear and programming Stoll machines for 8 years. As a designer he saw a need for knitwear manufacturing that would work with small and independent designers. He started Scott Ian McFarland Knitwear to answer this need.

M1 Plus, Stoll Machine operation 730T

Swatch development, sample garment creation, pattern drafting, tech packs, M1 plus, Stoll machine operation, Stoll machine repair

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