Putting 3D Knitting on the Map

Looking for events where you can find 3D knitting this year?

We searched the web and asked members of our 3D knit directory to share where the must-see events are happening. The info we got is now part of an interactive map of shows around the world with details for each event.


  1. What could be considered the biggest event this year is taking place in Italy;
  2. New York is hosting the largest and most prestigious events for the Americas (big surprise);
  3. Asia’s most important events this year, ITMA Asia and Spin Expo Asia, both take place in Shanghai;

Want a tip on selecting one to attend?

3D knitting typically falls under textile technology. A few expos focus on specific segments, such as composites. In our opinion these smaller shows might be the best options if you’re interested in the cutting edge of the technology

Since those shows are smaller and less well known, they’re also great for anyone on a budget. Some are actually free! That doesn’t mean the 3D knitting will be any less spectacular. Just the opposite. Many of the true experts in the field will be at these shows.

There are an equal number of events taking place in Europe and the Americas. So you’re practically guaranteed to find something that appeals.

Send us an email if you know of an event we haven’t listed and want us to consider putting it on our map. (Use the small form at bottom right of this window.